By Justin Sullivan

Whether the residents who filled the Alden Town Hall for a November 17th public hearing on the town’s fire protection contracts have utilized the town’s fire protection services or were grateful they have never had to – the consensus was clear: every second counts.
When it was revealed that the Town of Alden was looking to end its fire protection contract with the Village of Alden Fire Department, who is manned by the volunteer-operated Alden Hook & Ladder Fire Department – residents, village officials and members of the Alden Hook & Ladder Fire Department, were shocked, confused and fearful of what a town with one less fire district would look like.

Adamski added that severing ties with the Village of Alden Fire Department would save the town $62,000 and allow the town to keep their 0% tax increase.

See full story in the November 26, 2020 issue of the Alden Advertiser.