prom 3

By TJ Northem, The Bulldog Student News Correspondent

On Friday, April 24th, Alden High School held a senior citizen’s prom titled “Dancing Through The Decades”. National Honor Society members Nathan Pomana and I were honored with the opportunity to help organize and coordinate the project. We received a lot of help from the amazing Mrs. Lori Gramza, too. We are very thankful for her, along with administrators and everyone else who supported

the event, which was held in the cafeteria, it allowed for senior members of the community and surrounding area to come together for an evening of dancing and socializing. Students and staff of AHS were also invited as the goal of the night was to encourage interaction between the youth and older members of the area. The middle school jazz band was there to play for the first half hour and having that live music really seemed to impress the seniors. After their performance, Dependable Sounds took over for the rest of the evening’s entertainment. See TJ’s full story in the May 7th issue of the Alden Advertiser.