The Alden Central School Annual Budget Vote and Election is on Tuesday, May 21 from 6 am- 9 pm at the High School. The proposed 2019-20 budget is in the amount of $34,639,105, an increase of $666,725 or 1.96% over the 2018-19 school year. The tax levy will increase.
Projected tax rates per thousand of assessed value, are (2018-19):
Alden $17.65
Bennington $44.56

Darien $18.90

Newstead $18.64
Marilla $43.64
All voters must be US Citizens, age 18 and older on the day of the vote, and residents of the Alden Central School District for 30 days prior to voting.
Photo identification is required.
While voting on the Alden Central School District Budget residents will be asked to cast a vote for the new athletic complex. Choices are Alden Alumni Sports Complex or Alden Sports Park. The vote is non-binding.
Three Running for Two Board Member Seats
Richard Karalus, Tanya Lords-Quinn (both incumbents), and Beth Garigen are running for two (2) open ACS Board of Education seats.
The two candidates receiving the highest vote totals shall be elected for a full five-year term to commence July 1, 2019 and expire June 30, 2024.

Lancaster $18.85