Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard reports his office has responded to nearly twenty larceny calls over the past few days. The larcenies have occurred during the overnight hours and in the day time; the thieves are grabbing any items they can from the cabin of the vehicle.

The towns that have had reported car larcenies so far are Boston, Concord, Elma and Grand Island. Thieves are stealing purses, change, mail, credit and debit cards, checkbooks, driver’s licenses, and other personal or valuable items by breaking windows or entering through unlocked doors.

Sheriff Timothy Howard is urging residents not to leave anything in their cars and eliminate the thieves’ opportunity. Sheriff Howard is also reminding everyone to lock their vehicle as an extra measure of security, even if it is in a garage.

If residents in see suspicious activity they are asked to immediately contact their local law enforcement agency, the Sheriff’s number is 858-2903.