The Marilla community has a new method of serving others. It is called the Marilla Blessing Box.
A freestanding enclosed box, that has items of food, paper products and toiletries is available 24 hours a day. It is placed in the Community Center parking lot, a well lighted, always plowed in the winter location.
The original box of this type was started in Arkansas, and the name of Blessing Box was chosen for these projects May, 2016 in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Since June when the project and name went public on Facebook, hundreds of Blessing Boxes have been placed in the United States.
The box is self sustaining because as the Theme of these boxes states “Take what you need, Bring what you can, above all, be Blessed.”
Because the location is one that is visited almost daily by people attending meetings or programs at the Community Center or Town Hall, there are many opportunities for donations to be dropped off in the box and picked up by those in need of an emergency item or two.
A core group of volunteers will check on the box to organize as needed, but the donors are you, your neighbors, organizations, children, or senior citizens who may have memories of need in their early childhood. During the winter months, socks, scarves and mittens would also be helpful. Donated Items should be nonperishable, not past their expiration date and in winter months, no glass jars that might freeze.
The box was handcrafted by Clayton Ricketson to withstand the variance of temperatures in the area: cedar shake siding, metal roof, brushed nickel hinges and latch.
Marilla has always been a place of generosity and comfort, and this project will continue to remind others of the Blessings it gives and receives from the residents.
For information on this project call 652-7608.