On the afternoon of Sunday, December 16, 1906, certain persons of the village of Crittenden met at the village school house with representatives of the Presbytery of Buffalo to organize the Crittenden Presbyterian Church.
The charter members were Charles Silliman, Isabelle Edson, Ernest Siehl, Charles Russ, Chauncy Kidder, Elsie Darrow, Anna Cable, Mary Wilcox, Dorothea Browner, Etta Bromstead, Isabelle Nehrboss, Myra Ayers, Laura Siehl, Grace Stage, Ruby Browner, Fannie Beideck, Gertrude Kidder, Mary Russ, Samantha Perry, William Nehrboss, Frank Darrow and Adaline Fisby.
Before this official organization of the church, worship services and a Sunday School had been held irregularly at the Crittenden School House for several years. The congregation continued to meet there until the church building, located on Crittenden Road just north of Genesee Street on land donated by Mrs. John P. Edson, was completed. The corner stone was laid in November 1910, and the church, edifice was dedicated in June 1912.
On the night of November 14, 1944, the church structure was leveled by fire. The congregation then met at the Odd Fellows hall which was extensively damaged by fire the following year. The church members once more held services in the school house until the Odd Fellows Hall was rebuilt.
By 1946, the congregation had decided to build a new church building on land donated by Mr. and Mrs. George Wilber. The first unit – a dining room with Christian education facilities – was dedicated in 1950 and used for worship until a sanctuary was constructed.