bulldog tongue

It looks like Alden is not exempt from mascot conflicts. The National Bulldog Rescue Association (BRA), whose main mission is to rescue and raise awareness of the American Bulldog breed, is questioning the use of Bulldog mascots in schools.

The President of the organization explained that the breed is misrepresented and depicted as vicious. “The reality is that the Bulldog is a very docile breed and extremely gentle”, he stated.  “They are a very good family dog and depicting them as angry with large teeth and scowls is inaccurate. Unfortunately because of this misconception many pets are abandoned when the new owners realize they are not an effective guard dog.  In addition, people are reluctant to adopt the Bulldog due to the stereotype that they are mean and aggressive.”   He added that the negative portrayal of the breed definitely increases the number of animals that end up in rescue shelters.

BRA intends on visiting the Board of Education in the near future to request that ACS discontinue their misrepresentation of the breed. The will ask the Board to consider another mascot or at the very least to change their depiction from vicious to gentle in an attempt to squash the stereotype.

“A single breed of dog can be misrepresented to the extent that the dog becomes difficult to place in appropriate homes. The result is more overcrowding in the shelters. People need to know what a breed represents before taking on such a breed. Public misconceptions are inaccurate based on the foolish way a Bulldog is represented in the school community.”


By Vikki G. Weisbeck                       APRIL FOOLS!