The Alden Town Board, at its May 1, 2017 meeting, held the first public hearing in regards to harboring chickens within the town since the adoption of a Chicken Law on January 16, 2017.
Richard and Susan Henry, of Bonnie Lake Drive, are seeking the Board’s approval for a special use permit to harbor chickens in accordance with the new regulations. The Law puts restrictions in residential areas on the number of hens allowed and the area that they may occupy. In addition, regulations were set forth to control coops and fencing. As part of the Law, a Public Hearing is conducted to give neighboring property owners the opportunity to voice their opinions on the matter. In this case two property owners from Gebhard Lane, both who are downhill from the Henrys were concerned about water run-off bringing chicken waste their direction. One property owner on Bonnie Lake was in favor of his neighbor’s endeavor. Supervisor Richard Savage stated, “The Law isn’t to prevent chickens, but is to facilitate, as to not bother neighbors”. He added that he believes the Law is fair and the waste from the limit of 6 chickens is not significant.
The Henrys were successful in their attempt to obtain the special use permit for a period of one year; however, due to concerns raised a stipulation was added to restrict composting or spreading chicken waste on any garden. Councilman Ralph Witt voted against the resolution.See full story on the Board meeting in the May 4, 2017 issue of th4 Alden Advertiser.