By Mark Casell

At the February 16th Town Board meeting Supervisor Rick Savage reported that he had sent letters to Erie County in support of County owned, Town of Alden property being moved to private ownership for development. In response to the news that a 2 megawatt photovoltaic solar array is slated to be built on County property on the South side of Walden Avenue, the Supervisor requested that the frontage of said property remain undeveloped so this industrial zoned land can be returned to the tax rolls. He suggested that the solar farm be built to the South of the CSX rail line.

The Supervisor penned another letter asking that a developer be sought to transfer the vacated Erie County Home and Infirmary for reuse or demolition of the 560,000 square foot ‘Home’, situated on 158 acres of property on the North side of Walden

See full story in the Feb. 25th issue of the Alden Advertiser.